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Q1.  How long will it take me to attain my next belt?
A1.  The answer to this frequently asked question is that it largely depends upon you.  At Dynamic Martial Arts (DMA) the length of time it will take you to graduate to your next belt depends on a number of factors including:
1.   Your current level
2.   The frequency at which you train
3.   Your character – the effort you put into your training and the behaviour you exhibit in the dojo
4.   Your age as it relates to your ability to comprehend various teachings and
5.   The degree of improvement you have made in mastering the material (basic techniques, kata/forms, kumite (sparring) and theory) associated with your current level
The bottom line is that at DMA everyone learns at his or her own pace and there is no set time allocated to each belt level.
Q2. How will I know when I am ready to be tested for my next belt? Will I be tested if I am not ready?
A2. Absolutely not! When a student is informed of his or her belt exam it is because he or she has been observed to possess the strength of character (patience, perseverance and dedication) and the skills necessary to move on to the next level. At DMA students (and their parents) are entitled to receive a Progress Report upon request. Progress Reports are designed to highlight a student's strengths and identify areas that require further improvement.
Q3. What is the meaning of a stripe on a coloured belt?
A3. As mentioned above, some schools breakup their curriculum into smaller segments and offer stripes as a way to recognize achievement within a belt level. The stripe may have some motivating benefit but it requires an assessment, which generally comes at the cost of additional fees.
Q4. Why is it that at some schools students seem to progress faster in obtaining higher belts?
A4. Some of the reasons why students in some schools seem to move up in rank faster may include the following:
1. All Martial Art schools do not share the same standards. While some place equal emphasis on basic technique, kata and character development others may focus exclusively on sport (competition and sparring);
2. Some schools offer more coloured belts or include stripes between each belt level. This divides the curriculum into smaller segments and progress may appear to be faster. Of course each of these levels represents additional fees.
3. Some schools expect students to learn very little material to promote
At DMA we pride ourselves in offering a complete and balanced martial arts program at a reasonable price. We emphasize proficiency in the application of basic technique and kata, self-defense, character development and knowledge.
Q5. What does a belt level test consist of?
A5. Belt level exams are structured so as to evaluate some or all of the following:
1. Skill at performing basic techniques including stances, blocks, punches, kicks, etc. and kata/forms;
2. Knowledge of martial arts history, philosophy and terminology;
3. Self-defense and sparring ability including confidence, courage, strategy, timing and technique.
The test is followed by a formal evaluation and discussion with the student of the results and belt presentation.
Q6. What can I do to help my child succeed?
A6. Encourage your child in every aspect of their training including attendance, perseverance and developing a positive "can do" attitude. Understand that there will be ups and downs in your child's interest and progress. Sometimes you will be called upon to make the right (and sometimes difficult) choices on your child's behalf. Help your child set personal goals that are realistic and achievable, and reward good performance. Tell them how proud you are of their accomplishments. You can be assured that on the day your child reaches his or her black belt they will be forever grateful for the encouragement and support you will have shown over the years.

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